03 Mar 2014


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Three independent readings of the same kiln. Mind your temper.

Life is Good.

TempCalibration3 TempCalibration2 TempCalibration1

27 Feb 2014

Quenching: the vapour jacket

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Why do blade smiths agitate a piece during quenching?

This video demonstrates quenching without agitation to disperse the vapour jacket.

NOTE: I make a few unclear(not entirely accurate) remarks during the video. Hopefully the annotations clear it up. This video was unscripted and totally impromptu. Let me know if I screwed up anywhere else. Thanks for watching.

26 Feb 2014

Dust Evacuation System for a Belt Grinder

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Having recently completed my “temporary” shop I was finally getting back into the swing of things but ran into a roadblock. My new grinding station sucked or rather, didn’t “suck”. The dust was excessive … worse than ever before. I had to do something so looked into dust collection. The cyclone-type set ups seemed decent but looked like a pain to upkeep and the danger of mixing wood and steel worried me. I remembered that Kevin Cashen had a high powered blower evacuation system that vented directly outside. Patrice Lemée also has a sweet set up. I’m no Patrice when it comes to outfitting my entire shop, so I started small and simply addressed the grinder. Air exchange became a particularly difficult hurdle to get past. I’m sure the Summer months would have been no problem but when you drop the temperature of the room by 30-40F in the Winter, things get a little uncomfortable.

Anyway, my wife wanted to shoot a quick video of it. Keep in mind, this was completely impromptu and unscripted. I don’t have much experience making videos but I hope do more in the near future.

27 Aug 2013

Moved to the East Coast

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Picture of Marchand Family at Mahone Bay Pirate Festival 2013

Marchand Family at Mahone Bay Pirate Festival 2013

We’ve moved 2503 km or 1555 miles to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia situated on the the East Coast of Canada. I haven’t much time for custom work as I’ve got some exciting news to share. I’m renovating a small 1940′s house and building a new shop. I hope to share the experience with you through this blog. When all is done I should have a fully functioning workshop with room to make knives, work on my leather projects and shoot video.

What’s in it for you?

New tutorials, tips like upgrading the functionality of your old gear, etc.

Hopefully this will be the first post of many.


24 Mar 2011

Set Finished

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These three blades are going out as a set. Read more

18 Mar 2011

That’s a Wrap.

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I just finished wrapping  these blades. Read more

06 Mar 2011

New Equipment

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I just got my new Sugar Creek Big Knife Kiln last week. Read more

05 Feb 2011

Canteen Covers

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I made these canteen covers for a friend and customer. Read more

10 Jan 2011

New Snublore in the Making

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This one is almost done. Needs some edge work and a sheath. Better pictures to follow. These pics were taken to assure a very patient customer that he was not forgotten.

02 Jan 2011

Still Working On The New Website

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So many great things are happening all at once. Read more